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Experience the Cedar Rain twist on a classic Cosmo cocktail. Our rendition features a delightful blend of Green Tea Liqueur, Vanilla Vodka, and cranberry juice, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. Served in a sophisticated glass and garnished with a fresh lime peel, it's a visually appealing and refreshing libation that will tantalize your taste buds.

Family Friendly | Smoked BBQ

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Cedar Rain Spirits is a family-owned distillery that officially opened and began sharing our Liqueurs and Vodka with the public in December 2019. We use natural ingredients to make smooth-flavored Vodkas and Liqueurs.

We are all about the community, experiences, and enjoying life. The idea for the business started nearly 30 years ago with what is now our Traditional Coffee Liqueur. Our distiller used to make this coffee-based Liqueur for family gatherings.

Then in March 2023 we opened our restaurant in Downtown Walla Walla where we serve food, cocktails, beer, and samples of our Vodkas and Liqueurs.

Thank you for your support,


-Cedar Rain Family

Indulge in our classic brunch cocktail featuring local Bloody Mary mix sourced from Waitsburg, WA. Crafted with care, this invigorating drink combines Premium Vodka with a meticulously balanced blend of spices and seasonings. Served with a rim of spiced salt, it's a savory sensation that adds a delightful twist to your brunch experience.
Wheat vodka filtered to a clear and smooth finish.

Premium Vodka

Natural flavor of a vanilla bean with no added sugar.

Vanilla Vodka

A sweet, tea-based liqueur made with smooth wheat vodka.

Green Tea


A bold liqueur with a strong brewed coffee flavor and smooth wheat vodka as the base.

Traditional Coffee Liqueur

No syrups. No extracts. Infused with natural cinnamon sticks for a smooth and sweet finish.

Cinnamon Vodka


121 E Main St, Walla Walla, WA 99362, USA

(509) 956-5663

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Wednesday and Thursday 11AM-1PM | 4PM-8PM
Friday and Saturday 11AM-1PM | 4PM - 10PM

Sunday 11AM - 8PM

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