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Meal Planning Kits

How it works!

Cedar Rain is all about the community and know for the working family TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT! We have created this Meal Planning Kit concept to expand on our Party Platters we serve for parties. You can use our Meal Kits for Lunch and Dinner to help string line your nights for more time with family but continue eating amazing food and support a local business too!

We will deliver our Meal Planning Kits weekly. All we need from you is to let us know what you want! If you are wanting to pick up your plan from our Restaurant we can discuss a credit or discount too!


For a family of 5 we recommend a Meal Planning Kit with 8 lbs. of Meat, 6 lbs. Sides, 1 Dessert. This can serve 25-30 meals that can be used per week or frozen to spread out across the month for lunch and dinner. 

You can use the Meal Planning Kit in Food Platter, Sandwiches, Some of the meats in pasta, and on salads!

Now, we will deliver this Kit into for four deliveries to maintain the quality of the food we are serving you!

Family of 5 ($285/month | 25-30 Meals)

8 lbs of Meat | 6 lbs. Sides | 1 Dessert

Types of Food

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork involves seasoning pork shoulder, smoking it slowly over wood chips, and delicately pulling it apart. The outcome? Tender, smoky meat that's bursting with flavor and melts in your mouth. It's a culinary experience that captures the essence of slow-cooked mastery.


Brisket is a flavorful cut of beef cooked low and slow to tender perfection. Through smoking over wood ships and careful seasoning, brisket develops a rich, smoky taste. Whether thinly sliced or served generously, it is a great option!


Tri-Tip features a triangular cut from the bottom sirloin, celebrated for its robust flavor. Seasoned generously and smoked expertly, it develops a caramelized crust while retaining its juicy tenderness. Whether thinly sliced for a gourmet meal or served in a sandwich, Tri-Tip epitomizes the art of grilling mastery.


Smoked brats feature juicy sausage infused with smoky flavor. Slow-smoked over wood chips these savory delights develop a rich, smoky taste that complements their natural spices. Whether served on a bun or alongside hearty sides, smoked brats offer a satisfying option!


Smoked ribs boast tender meat infused with smoky flavor and aromatic spices. Slow-cooked to perfection in a smoker, these succulent ribs offer a mouthwatering experience. Whether sauced or enjoyed as is!


Mac and Cheese | BBQ Beans 

Are made with our smoker over wood chips to an amazing smoked flavor! 

Potato Salad | Coleslaw

Our cold sides are made in house from family recipes to show the passion we have to serve delicious food!


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Pick Your Types of Meats

1 lbs. = 3 - 4 Servings 

Pick Your Types of Sides

1/2 lbs $8 | 1 lbs $16

Pick Your Types of Dessert

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